Global recruitment

CPS Research utilises a proven and unique patient-focused approach to recruitment efficiently enabling us to identify suitable and engaged trial participants.

Based on our experience gained in the UK we have in recent years successfully expanded our recruitment service to mainland Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of the far east. We continue to expand our reach following success in these regions.

Our unique model provides 4 core services:

  • Identify potential participants
  • Screen for principal eligibility
  • Engage directly with potential participants
  • Coordinate with trial centre to maximise recruitment potential

unique model


Potential participant can view the advert on Facebook or after a Google search. Only those within a defined radius of the site location can view the advert (usually 20—25 km). Demographic searches on Facebook can be targeted to focus on age, gender (not just location).


Potential participant completes eligibility online questionnaire. Questions are closely based on the eligibility criteria for the trial. Questionnaire also contains further general information relating to the study procedures, visits, timelines etc.


Potential participants who successfully complete the questionnaire and who appear eligible are asked to provide contact details (telephone and email).


Throughout the recruitment process, CPS Research coordinates directly with the site team to confirm their capacity to receive referrals. We also confirm their communication preferences, availability and any other logistics to ensure a smooth flow of referrals at a rate the site can manage.

Referral Management

Site receives a referral notification of potential participant who has been pre-screened and eligible to proceed to consent, is well informed on trial requirements, and keen to progress. Site is asked to contact patient within 24-48 hours.

what makes it work?

Successful identification of potential participants requires well-designed cost-effective advertising. It is not however enough to just identify potential participants; the real skill is to successfully recruit the patient into the study. This can only be achieved by careful coordination of both the patient and the site personnel. Our unique model is driven by nurse led direct patient contact with our clinical team after online filtering of eligibility.

primary advertising

  • Our primary method of patient recruitment is via social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Web-based advertising using GoogleAds.
  • Television advertising has proven successful in generating interest for larger trials.

Secondary Advertising

Secondary ‘advertising’ can be used to drive additional potential participants to the screen processing

  • Television
  • Print media
  • Word of mouth


Established in 1988, CPS Research has over 30 years’ clinical trial site experience, having conducted more than 250 studies. As a result, our medically and clinically qualified management team, together with our experienced staff, have a wealth of clinical and research experience.

We are experts in management and conduct of trials in; Pharmaceuticals, Microbiome therapies, Over the counter (OTC), Food supplements, Devices.

In additon, CPS Research has provided consultancy services to pharmaceutical, food and medicine device companies for over 20 years, and our management team has written and contributed to over 100 papers, book chapters and posters in their fields of expertise.

referal management system

Our custom-built Referral Management System has been developed to address the key requirements of secure data transfer. Clinical sites obtain real time notification of patient referrals ensuring prompt follow up and appointment confirmation while the patient remains engaged following the nurse led discussion.

site support

Site support is a core element to the service we provide. From the outset our recruitment team will be in direct contact with the site coordinator to ensure smooth transition from initial contact through to patient engagement with site personnel.