About CPS Research

CPS Research is an independent clinical research site located in Glasgow, Scotland. Established in 1988, we conduct clinical trials in Phases II to IV in Pharmaceuticals, Food Supplements, Medical Devices and Over the Counter (OTC) therapies. We offer a personalised service to a worldwide client base of both large and small pharmaceutical, biotech and food organisations. Our single tier management structure allows easy flow of communication with our clients.


Based on our extensive experience we offer three distinct services:

  • Clinical trial services based in the west of Scotland
  • Global patient recruitment services
  • Clinical trial support services


Our mission

CPS Research is committed to providing quality clinical studies which meet the highest scientific, clinical, and ethical standards.

our leadership

Dr Alan Wade MBChB FRCA – Director and Co-Founder

Following an academic career in anaesthesia, Alan was in General Practice as a partner and retired after 20 years to pursue a full-time career in drug development. He has over 30 years’ experience in designing studies and influencing protocols. He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr Gordon Crawford BSc MBChB MRCGP – Director and Co-Founder

Gordon combined his work as a senior partner in a GP practice with his long-term interest in pharmaceutical medicine. He has been the Principle Investigator in more than a hundred clinical trials for diverse indications. His particular interest is in helping patients influence both the development and the safety of new drugs and other medical treatments.

Craig Mccallum MBA – General manager

Craig has 16 years experience working within the Life Science industry. He has held a number of senior, operational and customer facing positions in media manufacture and biopharmaceutical testing sectors.

Our Team

Clinical Research Physician

Dr Keith Baranowski MD MRCGP – Research Physician

Keith with 6 years clinical experience in general practice and dermatology, started work as a research physician in 2017 after finding a career interest in pharmaceutical medicine. He works closely with the management and clinical teams on all CPS projects. He is dedicated to helping patients get access to novel treatment options, while ensuring their wellbeing as participants in clinical trials.

Dr Karen Hopkins BSc(Hons) MBCHB MRCGP (2019) – Research Physician

Karen has a strong scientific background, having completed an honours degree in Physiology prior to medical training. Since qualifying in 2011 she has enjoyed a wide range of clinical roles within the NHS. She has recently qualified as a GP, and enjoys this role in addition to her work at CPS Research. As a research physician her role supports patients throughout the lifecycle of a clinical trial whilst ensuring their ongoing wellbeing.

Clinical Management

This team is led by Lesley Fitzpatrick who has 16 years NHS clinical nursing background, 22 years research nursing and nurse advisor experience within the research industry. Her tasks include oversight of our research nursing team, assigned projects, scheduling, and team training. 

Patient Recruitment Team
  • Global remit 
  • Coordination with research sites
  • Social media specialists
  • Language services
  • Full IT support
Administration Team
  • Regulatory Management
  • Finance Management


Established in 1988, CPS Research has over 30 years’ clinical trial site experience, having conducted more than 250 studies. As a result, our medically and clinically qualified management team, together with our experienced staff, have a wealth of clinical and research experience.

We are experts in management and conduct of trials in; Pharmaceuticals, Microbiome therapies, Over the counter (OTC), Food supplements, Devices.

In addition, CPS Research has provided consultancy services to pharmaceutical, food and medicine device companies for over 20 years, and our management team has written and contributed to over 100 papers, book chapters and posters in their fields of expertise.