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What our customers say…

“I was very happy with the way the study was resourced during the important periods post TV advertising. This allowed recruitment to progress at a great rate. The nurses were always helpful and knowledgeable during my visits”
Chris Morris, Senior Clinical Project Manager

“The nurses are very good to work with, they are quick at resolving any issues and are good at communicating any new issues. The data I have reviewed so far has been of excellent quality. I think CPS Research is a great site and everyone is extremely helpful”
Elizabeth Mill, CRA

“Nurses always helpful and professional; quality of data – very high standard. I am very happy with the way Arrive study is managed by CPS”
Helen Anderson, CRA

“CPS Research staff are very motivated and hardworking on the study, everything I have asked is always completed in a timely manner and to a high standard. The quality of data at CPS Research is very good”
Gemma Taylor, CRA

“Excellent service, enjoyed working at CPS Research, very professional company”
Glenna Hamer, CRA