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Our customers

Big Pharma

We have worked with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and they return to us due to the fast and flexible patient recruitment service we are able to provide, enabling them to get their products to the market faster. Some have provided finance for us to undertake Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs) which have proved to be a cost effective option in their drug development programmes.

Small Pharma

Our bespoke approach, coupled with our extensive experience, means that we are able to offer a comprehensive patient recruitment service. Additionally we can provide a complete, tailored, trial conduct and management package to smaller companies, supporting them throughout the trial process.


Our extensive experience in a wide variety of therapeutic areas allows us to provide our unique patient recruitment package for the conduct of clinical trials in the community environment thereby helping the CRO to realise their client’s investment.

Medical Device Manufacturers

The requirements placed on manufacturers for more data on their medical devices seem to be ever increasing. We can offer the benefit of our experience in the conduct of medical device trials, particularly of devices used by patients in the community as part of their ongoing treatment.